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On Tour: Money Matters bids OSIP farewell in Rehoboth Beach, DE

15 Feb

My last stop is Delaware State University, set up through The Rehoboth Beach Film Society. The cherry on top gets to be a historically black university. This is a great way to wrap up the tour.  This is my first time here. It’s a nice big campus. We got a combination of two classes to attend on a Saturday. Not an easy task to get students to show on Saturday folks.

At the discussion, the exact opposite happen then most of the tour. The female students had a lot to say here. They really dove in with questions. Surprisingly, a lot of the discussion revolved around filmmaking. A couple students shared their interest in going to graduate film school. One girl is currently writing a feature script. It was fun sharing my experiences with kids you knew it was going to affect immediately. I hope the event inspired someone there besides me.

Before leaving DSU I was inspired by talking with Emmy winning Filmmaker Olaniyi Areke. A retired network executive who is partially responsible for bringing me to the university spoke to me in length about his distribution company and projects. I was able to pick his brain and walked away with a few nuggets to prep me for my next chapter in LA.

Well that is the end to a wonderful tour. I had an amazing time. Meet some great people and had interesting conversations across the Mid-Atlantic. I would like to thank the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, Ann, Brigid, all the host sites and contact people for making this ride one I will never forget. Please keep up with the film through it’s website, twitter and facebook (below). Until next time, happy trails.




Post by Ryan Richmond, OSIP touring filmmaker. We’re so glad you could join us on the tour, Ryan! Do us proud in LA.


On Tour: Ryan Meets the OSIP Staff

13 Feb

Annapolis here we go! I’m fresh off the road and ready for these impressionable minds. Well I’m actually the impressionable one in this equation. Everybody turned out to be like 30 years my senior. We screen at The Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. This is a really funky center. It’s a hub for several art disciplines. They had sculpture, dance and a 60 + person theater rehearsal going on during the screening. The place was buzzing. I dig these creative environments. It makes me think of being a kid going to Fillmore Arts in DC. Each door you open was a new surprise.

I had an extra treat at this screening. Brigid from Mid-Atlantic Arts came by. It was cool to put a face with the voice and have support from the organization there. The crowd seemed to be regulars to the center’s events. It was an older white audience but immediately they came off as open-minded and art advocates. I spoke to a couple women as they went in. One lady said to me, “I’m glad you brought this film. Now I’m going to tell you exactly how I feel about it so it better be good”. To tell you the truth that kind of made me nervous because she seemed like she was right at the age where you didn’t sensor your thoughts anymore. If they feel it, they say it without any care of the cost. Oh boy.

Brigid Myers and I.

When the film was done nobody left. Everybody stayed for the talk back. This is the first time that has happened. A few people always slip out after the film. I normally come down front soon as the credits roll so they at least feel bad seeing me as they leave. This was a feisty bunch. I almost got more testimonies then questions this time. I think my favorite was “thank you for including the element of religion.” She went on to reference a pivotal part in the film. I would share but I don’t want to spoil the film. It was one of my favorite parts too. Oh and the lady I was nervous about, she liked it. She had a little trouble with grasping some of the kids dialogue. I guess because of the vernacular but all in all she seemed pleased. Annapolis I had a great time. Thank you for being so open.

Post and photos by Ryan Richmond, OSIP touring filmmaker. Thanks to Brigid for checking out the screening! Brigid is a big part of the OSIP behind-the-scenes and books all of the filmmakers’ travel. It’s a big job, and she does it well. 🙂

On Tour: Watching the Super Bowl in Long Branch, NJ

13 Feb

Now I’m at Monmouth University in Long Branch NJ. Seems like a quiet town, kind of ‘Jersey Shore’ ‘ish. I’m staying at a large quaint B&B. Its not often I stay in these so it was nice. The only thing is, this is Super Bowl Sunday and I am a Giants fan. I can’t watch the game on an old school TV. It’s got to be HD baby. So I have to find a spot. I’ll fill you in on that later.

Actually I’ll start with the game since its Sunday and the screening isn’t until Monday. So I find a pub and make a reservation at the bar. Sounds crazy but hey you have to do what you have to do. Soon as I drive into town I go straight to the bar to make sure its ok and I’m going to have a clear view of the TV. Not here to make friends my boys are playing. Do you know, they have our names on the seats? OH SNAP. Good seat. Good view. I’m feeling good ya’ll.

Those are my new friends Angie and umm… umm. I should really start asking people’s names. He kept buying drinks though so he was cool.

Game time. I get back to the bar a little early just to make sure I don’t have any problems. The crowd starts rolling in. Now remember what I said about Jersey Shore? Yeah you’ve seen the show. But here’s the thing I’m a Giants fan from DC. I’m usually the lone wolf. But here, this is Giants country so this is the first time in a while I’m around other G-Men fans. It was pretty cool. There is nothing like celebrating with other fans. It is nail-biting game. We win. Giants are World Champs. What a victory.

On the big screen ya’ll. Long Branch High School

Ok I digress, now to the screening. Wait first I went to a high school to talk to some students. This was at noon so let me just say the recovery from the night before hadn’t finished its process yet. I hope they didn’t notice. As the kids trickle into the auditorium I realize it’s been a while since I have been around this age group. They hand me the mic and I try to be too cool for school and ask the kids can they hear me so I don’t have to use the mic. Horrible decision. I really lost my voice from the night before and I was straining through that entire lecture. I just added to my body hurt. Any who, the kids were pretty excited. While some seemed really interested in making media a career others just wanted to know if I worked with Rihanna and if I could introduce them. They were tough but fun.

Later it was on to Monmouth University. I get a chance to see a little of the campus. The school of communications has great facilities. The venue was no different, an amazing space. There were a lot more faculty and staff in this screening. Not even my contact had seen the whole film so I was a little nervous. I like for someone to have seen it so they can warn the others. This crowd made some good observations I hadn’t heard in some time, like the choice of the music. Why did I use symphonic, electronic and mix in a lot of natural sounds? Why the choice of making it hopeful? There was even a good question about the gun used in the film. This was a thoughtful bunch. There were a couple times I had to pause and really think. Thanks Monmouth.

Post and photos by Ryan Richmond, OSIP touring filmmaker

On Tour: Ryan Richmond brings Money Matters to Frederick, MD

10 Feb

Back on the road to the next stop Frederick MD. We’re screening at the historic Weinberg Center for the Arts. Again, another dream venue to have your film screen. The downtown looks like Gotham City. Its been snowing for the past three hours so the streets are bare. It’s not sticking so it didn’t really affect attendance. The house got more than expected.

I’m going to stray off topic for a second. It seems that this venture is the first time for several of these venues. Hosting independent films where usually concerts or plays would be held. This poses hurdles but it also frames new opportunities to take advantage of. I think it should be more of a concerted effort between all three parties to reach the specific target audiences for each film on the tour. I could have definitely been more involved with the out reach in each location for mine. Now I understand the importance of doing that.

I think its great that these films are shared with the built in audiences of these venues. These are people our films may not have reached with out this platform. But I also think that this is a great chance for people that may not normally frequent these nice venues get to enjoy something special there. I hope next time around energy is put into tailoring marketing strategies for each film. That way you mix the target audience with the unexpected audience. That makes great discussions.

Again, I have digressed. I had a couple folks from abroad in this one. One man from Germany of mixed race told me how authentic he thought the film was. He has travelled extensively throughout his life and felt he had meet some of these characters both hear and over seas. One older white gentleman asked did I embellish the dialogue for effect? Do kids really talk like that? I answered ‘go to any major artery in DC or NY or any city for that matter, where there is a cross section of subways and buses. Go there at 3:30pm when kids are let out of school. You will be amazed at the number of four letter words they can fit in a sentence. It should be considered a talent.’ That’s all folks! Annapolis you’re on deck.

Post by Ryan Richmon, OSIP touring filmmaker

Rutgers Article on Money Matters

10 Feb

The Daily Targum recently published an article on Money Matters and Ryan Richmond’s visit to the Douglass Campus Center.

Read it here.


On Tour: Ryan Richmond Visits Rutgers New Brunswick

6 Feb

Next up on tour is Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Here we have students and a city, my kind of atmosphere. Jersey looks the same no matter what city you go. I’ve never been here before but it feels like I have.

I link up with my hosts for dinner and we have a great conversation about the climate of Rutgers, the Latino and African American communities here and of course how good the film is. I had to throw that in there… No, but we did talk about how “Money Matters” story was true to many races and people across the board. And, that it makes a strong conversational piece for education. [I’m really pitching here educators. Call me.]

Through the Center for Latino Arts and Culture, Carlos Fernandez arranged a great screening. When I introduced the film I saw a couple students take out note pads. I’m thinking, we are about to get busy up in here. After the screening, the students seemed to have appreciated the film. Again, the guys were more vocal than the girls. I couldn’t tell if the girls were stunned from what they had seen or what. They waited to say something to me after the talk back, just like the past screening. I’m starting to notice a pattern.

It was a pretty lengthy discussion overall. The students stuck around quite some time to get all their thoughts out. The students and the coordinator were so consumed by the characters and captured by the story, it made me think ‘wow maybe the film is OK’.

It was an enriching experience here at Rutgers. Now, off to the next location but not before the Super Bowl. Go G-men!!!

Sorry no pics. It was Jersey… Joking. Next location.

Post by Ryan Richmond, OSIP touring filmmaker.

On Tour: Money Matters Screens in Allentown

6 Feb

The second stop of the “Money Matters” On Screen/In Person tour is Allentown PA. A two plane trip from Erie PA, one of which was literally 15 minutes, and no they don’t offer water on such a flight. The day is going smoothly until I get a call from the venue contact. She is super sweet but I can tell she is hesitant. She tells me that they reached out to two different teachers for them to bring their students to the screening. Both of them declined due to the graphic language of the film. Man, these small towns are tough. She was very apologetic. I’m thinking ‘I bet the venue is going to be amazing again’. And I was right.

Entrance to Allentown Symphony Hall

We screened at the Symphony Hall in downtown Allentown. A refurbished space that looked great with three levels of seating. I was shocked to be screening in such a space and I also understood why it would have been a task for them to get to the target audience of the film. This type of film seems like if it would be left field for their typical patrons.

Just in case you didn’t know THIS FILM HAS GRAPHIC LANGUAGE. Posted on the entrance doors. They don’t want ANY problems.

At this point I’m expecting the same response I got in Erie but it wasn’t. Just about all that came stayed for the talk back. Even the ushers, who I was told never stay for the films.

The viewers were angry that the screening was not well attended. One gentleman who spoke almost came to tears because he worked with an entire community that would love and appreciate this film. He ran a veterans treatment facility a block away.

He said to me several times “I am inspired by your film”. A lot of times I take what people say as politeness. Who is going to trash your work to your face? Now I’m not wishing that to happen, I’m just saying. He went as far as inviting me to screen at his organization the next day. So I did.

The following day I had an impromptu screening at Veterans Sanctuary. It was a packed house. They were really engaged and made observations I hadn’t discussed in while. What I thought was interesting with this session was that there were maybe 10 women in this group of about 80. But it was mostly the men who asked questions. Hmmm I wonder why.

Veterans Sanctuary- They are into it.

The visit to Allentown turned out to be great. Thank you to Robin and Robert for sharing “Money Matters,” with your communities. Next stop: New Brunswick, Rutgers University.

Walking around downtown there are random signs that say ‘guns’. It may be time to leave Allentown.

Post and photos by Ryan Richmond, OSIP touring filmmaker.

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