On Tour: Blue Bell, PA

12 Apr

March 21, 2017 | REAL BOY| Blue Bell, PA

As Joe and I arrive at Montgomery County Community College on a chilly afternoon, we’re greeted by the fantastic staff who make all the arts programming at MCCC possible. Brent and his team are extremely welcoming. Already we know the event is going to be great.

Before the evening’s screening, I visit a film directing class. We talk about favorite films, the differences between documentary and fiction, and the work of finding your voice as a director. The students ask great questions and have much of their own experiences to share.


Then, as the evening’s screening approaches, people begin to file into the theatre and take their seats, which have been set up on that stage, making the venue intimate and cozy. Some of the audience members are therapists who have just come from a workshop with Dr. Michele Angello, a gender specialist and the co-author of “Raising the Transgender Child”. Others in the room are longtime supporters of other MCCC programs.

After the screening, Joe plays a few songs and MCCC instructor Tim Gallagher asks the audience if they have any questions for us. Multiple hands shoot up at once. The questions are thoughtful and delve into issues of gender identity, addiction and recovery, and how therapists can best support their trans clients. It is an especially lively and also deeply personal Q&A. I am grateful that there so many people thinking about how the can be more affirming in their work with trans people and with the LGBTQ community as a whole.

Post provided by On Screen/In Person filmmaker Shaleece Haas


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