On Tour: Blue Bell, PA

16 Nov

November 8, 2016 | Love Thy Nature | Blue Bell, PA

I felt immediately transported, as an orchestra was playing music of transcendental beauty and magnificence! And that was just the beginning…


It was Tuesday, Nov 8th 2016 – election day. I woke up in a hotel bed in Bloomsburg, PA, bundled up like an Inuit from Northern Canada. It’s 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the heater in my hotel room wasn’t working – so I was freezing!

Still, I pushed myself to do my morning meditation even if all I could be mindful about was my shivering body. It didn’t take long until I jumped out of my sitting posture to go chase a warm breakfast at the hotel, while envisioning that perfect day with an inspired audience for my Love Thy Nature screening event and a historic night in which the first female would be elected president of the United States – and finally shatter the hardest of all glass ceilings into millions of pieces.

My drive to East Norriton was lovely. The weather turned out to be beautiful, the air was crisp and trees were lined up along the road with their autumn leaves punctuating the landscape with colors.

When I got to Montgomery County Community College (MC3), the Senior Director of Cultural Affairs, Brent Woods, offered me a warm welcome and a tour of their arts building, including the large room where the film was to be projected. When I entered that auditorium, I felt immediately transported, as an orchestra was playing music of transcendental beauty and magnificence! And that was just the beginning…

Brent introduced me to Senior Producer Matt Porter. By the way, both men are delightful beings in their professionalism, kindness, and expressions of joy. Matt continued to show me around. We went to visit rooms with state of the arts camera, video and editing equipment for students to use for their media projects. The college also had sculptures from local artists on display on their walls. I was really impressed with MC3’s facilities, both for their abundance of resources for students and their commitment to promoting the arts in all its forms – including film!


The Love Thy Nature screening went really well, the setting was intimate, and audience members were engaged in the Q&A with questions as varied as favorite scenes to shoot to the healing power of nature. At the end, a viewer shared her anxiety over the presidential election and said she planned to watch the results in the company of a bottle of wine. I didn’t feel as concerned as she was at that moment. But at early morning hours when the results of the election were clear – forget the glass ceiling – my whole world felt like it broke down into millions of pieces, and turned into ice. Hate trumped love. Can this be real?

Post provided by On Screen/In Person touring filmmaker Sylvie Rokab


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