On Tour: Bloomsburg, PA

9 Nov

November 7, 2016 | Love Thy Nature | Bloomsburg, PA

All we need to do is keep the vision of a future in which we work in the way our common mother (Mother Nature) intended us…

I started my Bloomsburg screening experience on the wrong foot. I arrived late! For a perfectionist like me – I was raised by a Jewish mother, a Catholic father and went to a strict and rigid French school (my middle name is Guilt), even 5 mins late to a tech test for the film can cause me nausea. Literally! Or could it be that being the eve of the most important election of a lifetime is what’s turning me inside out?

We were still setting the volume for the film when the audience started pouring in – see, they were on time!! – I figured I’d discreetly do some breathing exercises on the corner so no one will say the filmmaker looked nauseated right at her intro. That would look bad for a “Hollywood” gal like me. I broke my own record and had the shortest intro ever, but at least I escaped throwing up in front of 50 people.

Being also obsessive compulsive, I watched the first half of my own film so I can see it for the 893rd time – just in case I might forget the end of that one line I might want to share (again) with the audience. Then I went off to do one of my favorite things – shoot! (the “loving” way of course!).  Ahhhh…. The night is young and beauty is all around. The building itself is impressive and historic.   Flowers were striking poses on the walkway, and as if on cue, this cute couple walks right when I snap a pic.


So, now that I got my nature fix, I walk back in the auditorium right on time for Q&A, pumped myself up with woo-woo self esteem “inner talk” (that stuff works!) and yes, the nausea is gone. And after a warm applause (ohhhh, that’s beyond therapy – it’s more like opium!) I ask the audience “questions…?  Comments…? Complaints…? Funny how that goes, with “complaints?” I got arms spring up like a magic box. Really???

Some questions I get repeatedly at many screenings, like “how many countries did you film at,” or did you really get in the same room as Liam Neeson?” but the discussions that got us all entranced (or at least I was!) were about biomimicry and the dawning of a technological, social, economic, and yes, even political revolution – all inspired by nature!

We explored what would our world would look like if we were to be willing to learn from our “elders” – the species that came before us – and applied their genius, “technologies” and collaborative methods to our own technologies, designs, and systems.

While the rigid French nanny was sitting on my shoulder – saying “don’t you dare talk politics” – I thought… c’mon… it is THE night before the most important election of a lifetime – no, not mine, the lifetime of this country!

I negotiated with her – hey, there is no need to talk who, what, which party affiliation, none of that stuff. All we need to do is keep the vision of a future in which we work in the way our common mother (Mother Nature) intended us to – in connection and collaboration with each other, fulfilling the highest potential of our species (one of extraordinary wisdom, intelligence, self reflection, passion, and compassion) and ensuring that we too – like all other living beings – make sure to protect the future of our young and their off springs.

Forget politics. It’s about life, love, wonder.

Now, have you voted yet??

Post by On Screen/In Person touring filmmaker, Sylvie Rokab



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