On Tour: Lancaster, PA

18 Oct

October 13, 2016 | You Belong to Me | Lancaster, PA


Producer Jude Hagin was privileged to screen You Belong To Me, Sex, Race and Murder in the South at The Ware Center at Millersville University in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in conjunction with The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation on October 13, 2016 to an enthusiastic crowd.

Barry Kornhauser from The Ware Center facilitated the eventful day which included presenting the trailer of you Belong To Me to a film studies class of Dr. Timothy Shea and an African American Studies class of Dr. Rita Smith Wade El. Numerous students attended the screening after seeing the trailer.
A panel consisting of Ms. Shayna Watson, Judge Dennis Reinaker, Ms. Angelique Arroyo and Dr. Rita Smith Wade El discussed issues surrounding the Ruby McCollum case prior to the screening. They touched on all of the issues that are dealt with in the documentary and provided information for the audience to be mindful of without giving away too much of the story. The film was warmly received and Producer Jude Hagin answered questions after the film.
Millersville University and The Ware Center provided an extremely professional yet warm and accommodating venue in which to screen the documentary. Barry Kornhauser obviously loves his work and The Ware Center. He was the perfect host! Lancaster is truly a community that values the arts!

Post provided by On Screen/In Person filmmaker Jude Hagin


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