On Tour: Reading, PA

17 Oct

September 27, 2016 | Sweet Dreams | Reading, PA

At my next stop in Reading PA, Cathleen Stephen, Director of The Miller Center and Outreach Coordinator Natalie Baab chose to organize an extra outreach screening at Women in Crisis – a safe haven for women facing abuse and violence. The center provided an art activity for the children so the women had the rare chance of a couple of hours just for themselves. And it was very gratifying for me to see how the film affected them and how we were able to talk afterwards about the ways it inspired them to think about how they could change things in their own lives. They were also particularly touched by the special effort that was made to bring the film to them. The cap on the evening was ice cream for all – provided by Cathleen and Natalie.


The next evening was our primary screening at the beautiful Miller Center and since this was both their 10th anniversary and the first year they have hosted the On Screen In Person series, we were featured prominently in their beautiful calendar. A reception preceded the film, hosted by a local woman owned business called Mi Casa Su Casa, and an ice cream bike cart (Sweet Rides) provided dessert. The event was co- sponsored by Women 2 Women and again we had a large and diverse audience including RACC Students and faculty, members of the Olivets Boys and Girls Drumming Club and the general public.


Afterwards I was joined onstage by Johanny Cepeda proprietor of Mi Casa Su Casa and Dr. Danielle Bower, Assoc. Professor of Social Work at RACC. who talked about the ways the film affected them and connected to their own lives and work.

Post submitted by On Screen/In Person filmmaker Lisa Fruchtman


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