On Tour: Brookville, NY

25 Apr

April 13, 2016 | Deaf Jam | Brookville, NY


Sharon Maier-Kennelly, General Manager and Director of Programming Initiatives, led me on a tour of LIU – Brookville – formerly known as C.W. Post.  The campus was the former home of C.W. Post’s daughter Meriwether, and is reminiscent of a tranquil English Country Estate. Inside the Admissions building we were invited to climb into a tower off limits to most visitors. The top of the tower holds an octagonal room surrounded by windows looking onto a garden area – not quite big enough for Rapunzel but magical.


The Tilles Center holds a beautiful theater with a terrific sound system.

Clara Zahler, Campus Arts Liaison, and Sharon were fantastic hosts who reached out to the surrounding schools for the Deaf as well as the campus community. We had one of the largest attended audiences of the tour with over 60 people.

The post screening discussion-included questions about the characters, inspiration for the film, future plans, and a potential poetry slam between the schools for the Deaf next year!

Post by On Screen/In Person touring filmmaker Judy Lieff.


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