On Tour: Wilmington, DE

12 Feb

February 10, 2016 | Winding Stream | Wilmington, DE

The snow in West Virginia went from fluffy and beautiful to a big headache in a matter of 8 hours. My flights that would position me for the next three screenings were cancelled. I rebooked and the next flight out of Lewisburg and then that was delayed. After some discussion with the airline folks and the travel agent, I decided to get a rental car and just drive from West Virginia to Delaware — a six-hour trip!


Big storms were sweeping through the region. I mostly got ahead of the bad weather and arrived in Wilmington with only an hour of slushiness to contend with.  I was tired from driving, relieved to get to the The First State and very much looking forward to the Wilmington screening.


The folks at Wilmington’s Light Up the Queen Foundation did an excellent job getting the word out about The Winding Stream. In advance of the screening they’d lined up an interview for me with DJ Carl Goldstein. (Carl does the Fire On The Mountain roots music radio show on WDUV and we had a great time chatting the previous Saturday morning.)  Plus, the LUQ folks had booked the popular Wilmington-based band Sin City to play a set of Carter and Cash songs at the screening and they really delivered!


The venue was the Film Brothers Co-op, a cool storefront arts center in LoMa (Lower Market Street in Wilmington!)  The place was jumping,  so full we were using sofas and chairs and end tables from the lobby area to make sure there was enough seating for the screening. It was a genial, jovial gathering.  Festive food and beverage. Great conversations. Everyone seemed to have fun. I know I did!


I want to give special thanks to Judy Hickman and Tina Betz of Light Up the Queen for being so welcoming and accommodating.


A little tourist note: the Delaware Art Museum (which I got to visit before the screening) is exceptionally cool. The work of the early 20th century Wilmington artist Howard Pyle (one of my favorites) is a big focus of the collection and it’s worth a visit to learn about the man who had such a huge influence on American magazine and book illustration and influenced artists like Norman Rockwell and N.C. Wyeth.

Post by On Screen/In Person touring filmmaker Beth Harrington.


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