On Tour: Lewisburg, WV

24 Nov

November 19, 2015 | Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos |Lewisburg, WV

The drive from Newport News, VA to Lewisburg, WV is quite long, so I decide to make a pit stop about halfway in Charlottesville, the home of the University of Virginia. It’s a lovely town, and the weather is very warm for mid-November. The hotel has a bike to tool around town and I’m most happy when I’m on two wheels. I’m about to tuck into the hotel but the road ahead looks inviting with its gentle uphill swoop. So I pedal around and see a historic sign in front of a stately house—Georgia O’Keeffe lived here. What a wonderful coincidence to see where such an esteemed female artist lived who was just a few decades older than Miriam. In fact, she and Miriam are shown in the film as one of only three female artists in 1971 to have their own solo shows in the U.S. (Nancy Graves is the other). So that’s a nice little moment.11.19.15 photo

11.19.15 photo (2)

The drive over the Blue Ridge Mountains is spectacular. Low clouds hover on the mountain flanks with the peaks popping through. At the end of the day, they are hulking silhouettes festooned with wispy pink clouds. I have to run across the highway to get a shot.

It also seems that the day will never end. I’m traveling toward the sun but not that fast. And the light seems to just hang around. Just when I think it’s dark I turn west again and there is still a glow in the sky. Such a cool and wondrous phenomenon.

11.19.15 photo (3)

Lewisburg is a funky town, and I’m playing at Carnegie Hall. It’s one of four in the world, and was originally built in 1902 as the Lewisburg Female Institute, and later the Greenbrier College for Women.

11.19.15 photo (4)

Lynn Creamer is a wonderful host and I have a chance to speak to the crowd before the screening at a reception in the back of the theater. At the Q & A, everyone is in love with Miriam and her work. On Sunday is the big finale of the trip and I am very excited to wrap it up in Maryland, where lots of local friends—and hopefully Miriam—will be there

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Jonathan Gruber.


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