On Tour: Long Branch, NJ

11 Nov

November 5, 2015 | Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos | Long Branch, NJ

11.5.15 photo

11.5.15 photo (2)

Another gorgeous November day and I get to go to the beach! As I stare out at the Atlantic Ocean I think about how fortunate I am to be sharing Miriam’s story in places I never expected. Monmouth University has an 82-year history and a beautiful campus. The Pollak Theatre is vast, and they are showing a fascinating exhibit from Uganda just outside the theatre.

11.5.15 photo (3)

Julian, who heads up Monmouth’s Cinema Club, meets me beforehand and we chat about all kinds of things, from our favorite movies to today’s cameras. The venue is incredible—the screen is large, the sound is booming and nearly everyone stays for questions afterward. Someone really stumped me about Miriam’s family history. Nice to not have ALL the answers. Vaune Peck, my gracious host at Monmouth, is right. They have great Q & As here.

11.5.15 photo (4)

11.5.15 photo (5)

After the screening, I meet up with a woman, Tova, who provided me one of the photos for the film. She brings her daughter and grandson, as well as a tremendous artist with a remarkable history named Kenneth Hari. We all dance around the obvious for awhile—no one has done a film on him and maybe I should look into it. Of course, I always say that when there is funding there is a film. So I look forward to perhaps profiling another artist with a unique view of the world. Back home and then on the road again in about 10 days!

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Jonathan Gruber.


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