On Tour: Brookville, NY

11 Nov

November 4, 2015 | Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos | Brookville, NY

11.4.15 photo (2)

11.4.15 photo

A gorgeous November day in the New York area! It was a pleasure screening the Miriam Beerman film at LIU Post. Did you know the campus was originally owned by C.W. Post, the cereal magnate? Seeing the film listed on the main digital entry sign as I pulled in was a great feeling. Clara Zahler and Sharon Maier-Kennelly were gracious hosts and showed me around the impressive Tilles Center, which has a 2,000-seat performing arts space as well as a recital hall. The screening venue was spacious and there was a nice crowd, including a large turnout from students in the Art Therapy program. Everyone was engaged in Miriam’s story, even when the DVD stopped in the middle of the film. It was kind of interesting that it was very quiet for awhile, almost as if people weren’t sure if this was how it was supposed to end. Kind of like when The Sopranos went to black at the end of the series.

11.4.15 photo (3)

11.4.15 photo (4)

11.4.15 photo (5)

I spoke for a bit while the technical glitch was worked out and the audience was very respectful during the short intermission. After the film end there was a spirited discussion about Miriam’s life and work. This is the first time that LIU Post has been involved in the On Screen In Person program, and they clearly put a strong effort into promoting the event. Thanks Pioneers!

11.4.15 photo (9)

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Jonathan Gruber.


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