On Tour: Lewisburg, WV

10 Nov

October 26, 2015 | Small, Small Thing | Lewisburg, WV

I made my way to Lewisburg West Virginia via 4 hours of gorgeous orange and red forest covered landscapes. October was the perfect month for this. The sign when you enter Lewisburg says “Voted coolest small town in America” and so far i can see why. It’s super cute. I’ve always loved West Virginia anyway, so I might be biased, but it’s quaint and filled with  historic buildings and art galleries.

10.26.15 photo -1

The unique part of the screening was the high turn out of advocacy organizations. We had 4 organizations with tables of info and even more in the audience. (I photographed their tables, but they were too shy to stay in the photos) I got to engage in some informative conversation about child abuse issues as they relate to West Virginia, and what’a being done here on a regional level. I want Olivia’s story to resonate with global audiences, because rape is hardly an issue only in Liberia. I also made some new contacts working in child sexual abuse, who can help me get Small Small Thing into the hands of even more organizations in this region. At this point in the life of the film, it needs to be a tool. So the more organizations I can partner with, the better!

10.26.15 photo -2

10.26.15 photo -3Tomorrow is Newport News, but I’m going to spend the morning checking out more Lewisburg! I love this state too much!

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Jessica Vale.


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