On Tour: Brookville, NY and Long Branch, NJ

2 Nov

October 15 & 16 , 2015 | Small, Small Thing | Brookville, NY & Long Branch, NJ

Thursday found me at Long Island University, a local host. I live in Astoria so it was a fairly quick ride out. The auditorium was great, some of the best sound quality I have heard for the film.  Everyone at LIU was lovely. It was modest crowd, made up entirely of faculty I believe. I would have loved to see more students there, but the adult crowd offered great discussion.

10.20.15 photo -3

I will be heading back there soon to speak during a philosophy and film class, something I find very exciting. I think of all the classes I could teach, this one is perfect.

10.20.15 photo -2

Monmouth University hosted the following night. The campus is gorgeous. We screened in a mansion that used to being to Woodrow Wilson. It was at least 3 stories of marble, glass chandeliers, and bronze busts. I was happy to see a good group of students turn up. The event was hosted by a local film festival moderator. He did a fantastic job. The thing I loved about this screening was that we asked the students questions, instead of the other way around. It created a wonderful dynamic, and allowed us to talk about what the audience would or wouldn’t have done in the same situation as Bendu. Next stop: Black Rock Center in Maryland.

10.20.15 photo -1

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Jessica Vale.


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