On Tour: Bethlehem, PA

16 Sep

September 8, 2015  | Foreign Puzzle | Bethlehem, PA

Foreign Puzzle screened on the 8th of September at the majestic Zoellner Arts Center located on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

9-8_Zoellner Photo

Photo Credit: Chithra Jeyaram

Foreign Puzzle is my debut long-form documentary and is a labor of love. The past year has been a roller coaster and a personal struggle and I feel that the film suffered the most because of my circumstances. Selection to the On Screen In Person Mid-Atlantic tour was what I needed to give the film its final push.

A brand new poster was designed; the film was sound mixed at Studio Unknown and color corrected by the talented Daniel Stuyck. The three-hour journey to Bethlehem was a solemn reflection of the filmmaking process – the journey from inception to completion. I met the film’s protagonist Sharon Marroquin in September 2010 and exactly 5 years later I was going to share the film at a community screening. I was overwhelmed and nervous. Would the film play without any glitches? Will anyone show up? What will the response to the screening be? What will the post-screening questions be? The hosts Deborah Sacarakis, Silagh White, Tahya Keenan and Kevin Kirner immediately put me at ease.

9-8 Audience

Photo Credit: Gautham Adithya

The film screened to an intimate and engaged audience. Post-screening Q&A was insightful and engaging. Students posed questions about the filmmaking process, production, editing, and ethics of filmmaking. Several people complemented the film’s observational style of storytelling. Majority of my audience that evening were young men and I was thrilled that a film about breast cancer, love and modern dance appealed to them.

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Chithra Jeyaram.


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