On Tour: Wilmington, DE

9 Mar

March 7, 2015  | Still Dreaming | Wilmington, DE


Last night’s screening in Wilmington Delaware was truly special. The Light Up The Queen Foundation, which hosted the screening, is dedicated to the revival of the Queen Theater in Wilmington, DE, and to assuring that the Queen becomes a catalyst for building community through high-quality programs in arts, music, education, workforce development and mentoring. Tina Betz, Executive Director of LUQ, and her staff really made an impression on me. They care deeply about the connections within the community that art can foster. They brought together the Alzheimer’s Association and the Delaware Shakespeare Festival to co-present the film, which made for a lively post film discussion.

3-7_TinaBetzFor me, it was the first screening where we’ve really had community partners present who represent the divergent themes in the film. There was a lot at stake for me personally, hoping that these two important groups would like the film. As we craft the story in relative obscurity, we can only hope that it will resonate strongly with our intended core audiences. It’s not until a screening such as this that we get our answer.

It was a thrilling moment to have Katie Maklin, the ED of the Delaware Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and David Stradley, the Artistic Director of Delaware Shakespeare Festival, speak highly and passionately of the film and its story and characters. They both come at the subject from such different places, and it was wonderful to see them connect through the story of the film. It feels like these kind of connections are the seeds to future collaborations. I hope the fruit of these are more arts programs and more meaningful community connections for our dear, invaluable elders.

And there was one last highlight. A young woman named Besta from Istanbul, Turkey loved the film. She said “I thought it maybe would be a little boring, but I loved every minute of it! I was so absorbed in the characters. I hope you know, that young people will love this film too!”. That really made my day just absolutely perfect. Thank you LUQ and Wilmington DE for a fabulous and memorable experience!

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Jilann Spitzmiller.
To listen to a podcast interview with the filmmaker, click here.





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