On Tour: Lake Placid, NY

21 Oct

October 15th, 2013  |  FUREVER |  Lake Placid, NY

It seemed particularly fitting that I flew to Lake Placid next to a woman reading a book about golf called, “Shot Happens.” I was in Lake Placid just a month ago and I was taken by how many ‘punny’ shops there are there. “Just Bead It,” “Bowlwinkles,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Bear Essentials.” I have a tough time with most of these (purely a gut reaction), though I‘m also aware that our film is called FUREVER, so perhaps it’s meant to be; united in wordplay.

It takes a lot of effort to make it from Erie to Lake Placid (without driving): 2 flights, a ferry (over Lake Champlain), and a long car ride. Every bit of exhaustion, however, was worth it. My motel, the Wildwood on the Lake Motel, was enchanting and its proprietors let me borrow one of their kayaks early yesterday morning to catch the breathtaking Lake Placid sunrise.

10.15 feet_sunrise_lake_placid

It turned out that the motel was located across the street from Lake Placid Center for the Arts, where FUREVER would be screening that night. I planned to drive but my GPS said “51 seconds” and drew a 1mm line across the street; I had unobservantly missed this gorgeous sign in plain view:

10.15 LakePlacidCtrSignage

As you can see, the community activity paired with the screening was an adopt-a-thon led by the North Country SPCA, an amazing no-kill shelter. They brought several cats and two beagles, Clark and Dixie, all desperate to find loving homes.

10.15 clark5_sm 10.15 dixie310.15 cats

I became particularly attached to Dixie. It was evident that she’d lived a rough young life. I contemplated finding a way to bring her back to Brooklyn with me, but as I’m currently on tour and my landlord doesn’t permit pets, it was impossible.

10.15 DixieAmyLove

The screening and Q&A were well attended. Panelists included: Jessica (NCSPCA), Rick (retired vet), Brooks (grief counselor), and Jess (practicing vet). We had a heartfelt discussion about grief. One audience member broke down about his recent loss and Brooks helped him through the stages of grief he was experiencing (not those of Kubler-Ross). Also incredible was when Brooks discussed mass/partitioned cremations and explained that when he was practicing, he knew people were getting ashes from other pets back. He talked about the relief it brought to them but also about the immorality.

10.15 JessicaRandyJames

The night ended on a cheerful note —a lovely dinner with James Lemons, the Executive Director of the Arts Center, and his partner, John (who is learning chocolatiering skills at Lake Placid Chocolatier. Awesome. They’re a hoot and I’m looking forward to hanging out with them again sometime.

10.15 James_John_sm

Just before leaving, I went to the home of a woman, Nancy, who I met at the adopt-a-thon. She’s active in rescue in Lake Placid. She also happens to have two amazing pigs (and 3 dogs). Apparently the pigs (not from the same litter) got married this summer! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some final pigtertainment (the appropriate closing Placid pun).

10.15 nancy_stanley_barbara_gd 10.15 Amy_Stanley10.15 hike_waterfallPost by OSIP Touring Filmmaker, Amy Finkel


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