On Tour: Runaway Comes to Erie

26 Oct

I hopped on the plane over to Erie and met up with Christine, the head of programming arts at the Mercyhurst College. We met at a local radio station where I turned on my sexy radio voice and talked about my film and some of the music. We drove over to the college to introduce the matinee show. The turn out was low but full of interesting characters.

A fabulously interesting gay couple attended on a tandem bicycle, but it was not just their bike that was tandem, but their very clothes, personality, their life/friendship/love was in a wonderful tandem. They were artists and considered their clothing/style an art in itself. They wore matching clothes, kinda like dashiki meets native american style, complete with matching feathers hanging from their oversized green fez. They wore each-others shoes. Yes, they were just that interesting. Real characters.

The evening showing was much more engaging. One woman was afraid she was going to have nightmares after watching the movie. Glad to give some nightmares. But regardless of night terrors, she seemed to really like it. The next day I took a sojourn with Christine and her visiting parents to local breweries where you drink craft beer from jars. A good Erie experience.

The next day my friend Christian arrived from NYC. He is also a fellow feature film director juggling life and art. He was going to join me for the rest of the tour. We were in for a wild roadtrip. The kind where by the end you feel like a different person than when you first started. I always wanted a Motorcycle Diaries experience (one of many inspirations for Runaway).

Post by OSIP Touring Filmmaker, Amit Ashraf


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