On Tour: Runaway in Richmond

10 Oct

Runaway runs to the first stop on the On Screen/In Person: Richmond. I landed in the airport running to the Richmond University trying to sneak into class without the teacher noticing, except that doesn’t work this time since I am the guest speaker for the film production class. I had the honor of pretending like I knew what I was talking about. I shared my personal experiences and my process in making Runaway. I knew there was a lot NYU didn’t teach about the professional and the business side, so I tried to enlighten them on that, though its probably not what young eager filmmakers who are gearing up for their first silent short want to hear.

After the classes, I went to the evening screening of the film at the wonderful Firehouse Theater, an old firehouse turned theater space. I also liked that there was a bar. Nothing helps audience get more emotional than an intense movie and some alcohol…We were afraid that Obama and Romney might steal the show, but a good amount of people came to watch different kind of political drama unfold…I was happy to see the local Bengali community come to support the film. The Q&A was less formal and more just W&C (wine and cheese). Which was way more fun. I got great responses from Bengali and non alike, and even requests for bootleg DVDs. Thanks to Shanon Hooker, the host, and a wonderful Richmond team, I had a great time. Stay tuned for the next chapter where I wake up at an ungodly time to catch an early Greyhound bus to Roanoke…

Post by Amit Ashraf, OSIP Touring Filmmaker


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