On Tour: Gen Silent in Roanoke, VA

2 Oct

I am in Virginia again for the final stop on my On-Screen/In-Person tour with our LGBT aging documentary, Gen Silent.  On Monday it was Richmond. Now I am in the other side of the state: Roanoke.  Bumper stickers that make me feel a little less safe as a gay person are a bit more visible but like anywhere merely catch your attention as you head to places full of people who accept you and want to hear your message.


I have been waiting  to screen Gen Silent in this beautiful new venue: the Taubman Museum of Art. It’s been controversial because it sits in the middle of old town.  “Old” it is not.

Taubman Museum of Art

The staff and local LGBT activists did a yeoman’s service  assembling  panelists touched by the LGBT aging issue in their lives and work.

Gen Silent Director Stu Maddux with panelists and organizers at a recent screening in Roanoke, VA.

And the questions from the audience after the film made it clear to everyone in the auditorium that we were all starting something.  There was an energizing effect from the film that had  people getting into action to help isolated or afraid LGBT older people in the Roanoke area.

 Gen Silent Director Stu Maddux talks about the need for Gay-Straight Alliances in the aging community.  

Feeling that my filmmaking had made such a difference was the perfect way to end this amazing two-week tour.  Thank-you Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation enough for choosing Gen Silent from more than 70 films. It has been a great honor.  And to the next filmmakers on the tour I can safely say, get ready to be a part of some rewarding work.

Post by Stu Maddux, OSIP touring filmmaker. Thank you for everything, Stu! It was a great way to kick off the season.


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