On Tour: Stu Maddux at SUNY Oswego

1 Oct

Lake Ontario from Oswego, New York

Zoom. Try to catch my host Jacob Dodd in his wife’s VW bug. He managed to clean out the baby goo gifts from his five-month-old son and give me an awesome tour of Oswego, New York and SUNY-Oswego.  Thanks Miles and wife! It was appreciated.

But he doesn’t have any pics of his peeps to show me on his phone because he shoots film.  You know, like Kodak. In fact, he does everything  the old school way: films his movies on 16 or 35mm and collects LPs.  It was really great to talk about old films together with someone who isn’t old.

Stu Maddux showing Gen Silent to students at SUNY-Oswego

He did a great job using my OSIP tour stop to gather sociology students and LGBT activists on campus for an afternoon class.

I showed the shorter classroom version of My LGBT aging film, Gen Silent and asked students to discuss.

But by dinner time we couldn’t resist.  We were talking about REALY OLD films again like Raiders of The Lost Ark or The Third Man. This time with the president of the campus film club and the sociology instructor who told his students to get to the screening.

The show was at the appropriately vintage Oswego Theater down the street.

 Oswego, Theater

For an independent filmmaker it’s especially cool to see your film in lights at the theater. Vintage letters! Thanks theater guys. The projection was good too.

Gen Silent Director Stu Maddux with SUNY Film Instructor, Jacob Dodd

Back at the B@B where I was shutting down for the night. I miss my two cats.  And after two weeks on the OSIP tour,  I see cats everywhere.

Serendipity Bed & Breakfast

But its time to move on to the last stop of the tour: Roanoke, VA.  So as I turn off the cat light,  I switch to that image that I see after every Gen Silent screening:  my face in the trash can. Keeps me humble and grateful.

 It’s good to look at the trash after a screening to keep from getting the big head.

Post by Stu Maddux, OSIP touring filmmaker.


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