On Tour at the University of Richmond

28 Sep

  Director Stu Maddux at an SRO screening of his film, Gen Silent, in Richmond, Virginia.

The latest stop on my tour has proven to be one of the most interesting and well attended yet. The University of Richmond got smart and drove students downtown to a dinner where we met with older LGBT people.  That was a great start to the evening.

A lot of times I get asked to facilitate a discussion but it’s really up to me to pick the topic.

That can be a interesting challenge.

So, I tried something new.

I asked the younger people to learn something they didn’t know from the older ones.

But also for the older ones to learn something they didn’t know from their younger counterparts.

When we all shared together, the consensus was that the time connecting between generations was SO rewarding and should happen a lot more than it does.

Before we knew,  it the theater down the block was getting packed for the screening: almost standing room only by the time we got there.

 Firehouse Theatre

The panel discussion afterwards really added a local and personal angle to the global issues brought out in the film.

 Panelists discuss LGBT aging after the screening

I seem to relate more to people older than me in the audience, but when students have all kinds of comments it is the most affirming part of a screening.

Director Stu Maddux speaks with film students after the screening of his film, Gen Silent

Many of those on the panel are from Virginia Commonwealth University, our partner in creating a training program using Gen Silent. We have all been working together for a couple of years now and seen the film SEVERAL times. So it was nice to hang out in my makeshift “frequent viewer lounge” (the lobby).

 The “Frequent Viewer Lounge”

Thanks Shannon Hooker and everyone at the University of Richmond for being so organized and coming up with great ideas to take advantage of this unique film and tour.  Thanks too to my VCU and SAGE friends for being a part of this special evening!

Post by Stu Maddux, OSIP touring filmmaker.


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