On Tour: The audience in Rehoboth Beach

26 Sep

Near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

The crowd at our latest stop is quite a contrast from the mostly 20-somethings at our last screening at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey.  I have driven about two hours down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Now,  I am the youngest person in the room. And at 47-years old, that’s saying something.

Being around people who are in the second half of life makes me feel very comfortable.  And our screening of Gen Silent evoked a lot of personal life experiences shared among audience members during an unusually in-depth conversation after the film.

While the rest of town seemed to be watching big Hollywood blockbusters downstairs,  Rehoboth Beach Film Society’s Greg Jones secretly had the hottest ticket in the house.  He filled the space upstairs reserved just for us.

Greg Jones, Rehoboth Beach Film Society 

It’s been a very interesting  to screen in the very state and very county where my ancestors arrived in the 1680’s.

The picturesque town of Lewes is next door to Rehoboth Beach.

So, earlier in the day we went to the historic town of Lewes for… Mexican.

 Quality time with organizers is really valued by this filmmaker

 Cannonballs shot from ships hundreds of years ago are still stuck in the foundations of homes.

Tomorrow it’s back to talking to students. This time at the University of Richmond in Virginia.  I wish I could get these two generations together at screenings. They could learn so much from each other.

 Film Society Volunteers

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Stu Maddux.


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