On Tour: Stu Maddux Checks in from Monmouth University

24 Sep

It’s been an awesome couple of presentations at Monmouth University here in West Long Branch, New Jersey. It’s a beautiful large campus with full on, creative students (with great senses of humor!) The city is by the beach and has a great Jersey Shore feel to it.

 My home, Cedars & Beeches B&B

My host, filmmaker artist and instructor Andrew Demirjian, just  gave me one of the best compliments of the tour- that he had never seen that much meet and great with a documentary director after a screening.

Students ask to get a pic with Director Stu Maddux

How cool it was to walk in to the theater lobby and see a table set up by a local organization doing work on the subject of our documentary: LGBT older people going back into the closet because they are scared of the care that they are getting.

 The LGBT Older Adults Project has been active in the West Long Branch Community creating research and outreach for the past year.

Bringing different groups to work together for the first time to work on the problem shown in this film has been one of the most rewarding parts of touring with Gen Silent.

Monmouth University’s Andrew Demerjian and Mark McDonald with the LGBT Older Adult Project

And then aftwards, the crash.  I’m looking a bit…tired.  I better rest up before I get to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for our next stop.

Gen Silent Director Stu Maddux

Post by Stu Maddux, OSIP touring filmmaker.


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