Stu Maddux Brings Gen Silent to Annapolis, MD

21 Sep

I am checking in from our next stop on the OSIP tour.  The lovely Annapolis, MD. I place that I have never been to but certainly will return.  I didn’t know if the Naval Academy would over power the character of the rest of this colonial community. I didn’t realize that it is also the state capital.

US Naval Academy in the background

They all compliment each other both in the types of people here as well as the cityscape. I suppose you have to after hundreds of years together.

Main St.

The Maryland Hall for The Arts was a perfect place for an intimate screening of our documentary, Gen Silent.  A tornado watch had the volunteers and staff expecting low turn out.

They were right. But it didn’t matter because several people drove two hours to see our film about LGBT aging.

Filmmaker Stu Maddux and Performing Arts Director Tom Fridrich with two audience members who drove two hours to watch Gen Silent.

During the screenings, I usually wait quietly outside the theater and listen carefully for audience reactions (laughter, etc.) to tell me what kind of crowd it is. This time I had company in the form of an exhibition of paintings about LGBT couples.

That was more than a good sign. It told me that the subjects of my documentary would not only be accepted here but celebrated and valued.

Gotta  run off a crab cake or two before I meet students tonight at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey.  I wonder what they will think of a film about old people?

Post and photos by Stu Maddux, OSIP touring filmmaker. 


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