On Tour: Paul Devlin bids the tour farewell in Rehoboth Beach, DE

26 Apr

Executive Director of the Rehoboth Film Society, Sue Early, was concerned about the BLAST! screening in Rehoboth, Delaware. There were only 5 tickets sold in advance. The event was at a huge multiplex, Movies at Midway, so my wife Emily and I were concerned as well – How could we compete with these blockbuster Hollywood movies?

Movies at Midway

But the Film Society has its own screening room in the building, and a very dedicated membership. The final BLAST! show of the tour had a great turnout! Since it was our last chance, Emily and I came back to watch the back half of the movie with the audience. It was very gratifying to hear their very vocal reactions, gasping and laughing in all the right places.

Nice turnout for the screening

As always, the discussion afterward was active, intelligent and fun. Sue had arranged for Douglas Miller, Associate Professor University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, to join me upfront. I fielded the science questions as best I could, then handed more detailed follow-up over to Doug. The audience had a wide range of interests, from how the science team used other astronomical observations in their data analysis, to the techniques I employed to heighten the drama of the narrative.

I am so thankful to the audiences who joined us on this tour. It was fun to meet them face-to-face and to serve them by engaging their interests directly. They inspired me with their enthusiasm and energized me with their kind, encouraging words about my work.

Thanks to the National Endowments for the Arts for making these touring programs possible with their funding, and to the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, especially Ann Turiano and Brigid Myers, for the hard work making sure all the logistics ran smoothly. I will be encouraging my filmmaking colleagues to participate and look forward to seeing the program spread and grow, both in the quality and number of the films and the development of the audiences.

On the ferry from Delaware

Post by Paul Devlin, OSIP touring filmmaker

Thanks for joining us for the tour, Paul (and Emily)! We’re delighted that audiences across the mid-Atlantic could experience BLAST!

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