On Tour: Homecoming in New Brunswick, NJ

18 Apr

The BLAST! screening at Rutgers was a homecoming of sorts. I grew up nearby and some of my childhood buddies showed up. Problem was they were unfamiliar with the Busch Campus. So Jim Wood volunteered to be a human billboard and direct traffic to the screening. Perfect man for job! Jim is the star of my upcoming movie The Front Man  a romantic musicomedy about what it means to pursue your art in a society where anything short of celebrity is failure.

Jim Wood-The Front Man

Speaking of celebrity, local musician Jigs Giglio, also made an appearance. He’s one of the stars of my first documentary Rockin’ Brunswick.  I’ve known both Jigs and Jim since kindergarten. I guess, if I know you long enough, you end up in one of my movies.

Professor Thomas Devlin

My father, Thomas Devlin, was a physics professor at Rutgers for 40 years before he retired to Philadelphia to work in astrophysics with my brother Mark at University of Pennsylvania. He was in charge of the renovation that doubled the size of the Serin Physics building where the movie played.

Mark & Paul Devlin

Both my father and my brother Mark, who stars in the movie, joined us for the screening. Saved my butt with this crowd, because Mark was able to field all the science questions. There were quite a few youngsters in the audience. It is always gratifying to know that BLAST! is inspiring budding scientists. One science teacher in the audience suggested that BLAST! should be showing in every high school in the country – sounds good to me!

Future scientists

Afterwards, a bunch of us met up at The Old Bay Restaurant downtown for a very festive dinner. Great to be back in New Brunswick!

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker Paul Devlin

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