On Tour: Paul Devlin brings BLAST! to Monmouth University

11 Apr

The BLAST! Tour is underway! For more about the film click here.

First I want to thank Ann Turiano, Brigid Myers and the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. I LOVE the booklet they put together with all the details of every stop – transportation, hotels, driving directions and miscellaneous instructions. We’re in good hands and that makes the logistics easy. I’m recommending On Screen/In Person to all my filmmaker friends!

My wife Emily Raabe had to change her planned trip to California at the last minute, so now she’s on the Tour with me! (Apologies for the last minute change Ann & Brigid – thanks for accommodating!) Much more fun to share the travel.

Cedar and Beeches B&B

First stop is my home state of New Jersey, in West Long Branch, near the beaches where I used to hang at in high school. The Cedar and Beeches B&B is gorgeous. Monmouth University is a very pretty campus, and the beneficiary of the palatial private residences of some of the richest Americans. The huge library is the former summer residence of the Guggenheim family and Wilson Hall (where BLAST! screened) is one of about 20 American palaces built in the Neo-Classical style in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is spectacular!

Wilson Hall

Our host, professor and artist Andrew Demirjian,  brought us to the campus dining hall for some lively conversation about media, film, and and academia. The sundae bar/pasta bar/cereal bar/cupcake table also reminded why I gained 10 pounds my freshmen year in college…

Andrew & Emily admiring Wilson Hall

The screening went well. I had not seen BLAST! in a long time and it was refreshing to watch it again, especially since I’m in the midst of editing my next project The Front Man. Nice to be reminded that I can successfully finish a difficult edit. While the attendance was not overwhelming, the Q & A and discussion after the screening more than made up for it. This film always brings up a broad range of questions, from science facts to sibling relationships to the existence of God…

Wilson Hall (Palace) Fountain Room

A friend who was at the screening told us a funny story about the battle for attendance at events: years ago, he received an education grant to promote a lecture series at the school where he was a teacher. The first of three weeks, he promoted heavily to his colleagues. Only one person showed up. The lecturer was not happy. The next week, Rob photocopied a $100 bill with the message, “If you want this, come to the lecture.” The 2nd week 7 people showed up. After the event, Rob gave them each a $100 bill. The 3rd and final week, Rob made no more promises and did not promote at all. He had a packed house, and fulfilled the obligations of his grant. (And didn’t have to give out any more $100 bills!)

Onward to Allentown, PA!

Post by Paul Devlin, OSIP touring filmmaker

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