OSIP Podcast #10: Catching up with David E. Simpson

4 Apr

David E. Simpson is a veteran independent filmmaker with a serious interest in social issue documentaries. His film, Milking the Rhino, blew me away. The shots are gorgeous, the stories are personal, and it expanded my mind in ways I didn’t expect (without feeling preachy in the slightest). When you watch the film and recognize the moments tied to its title, the images–and the ideas they communicate–will stay with you for a long time.

View the film’s trailer here:

In our podcast conversation, David explained how he approached the difficult and complicated subject of conservation that lies behind his film. He shared some fabulous behind-the-scenes tidbits from filming in sub-Saharan Africa.  It was also really interesting for me to hear how he selects his next film subject, his perspective on self-distribution, and his favorite films.

He’s got a wealth of experiences and connections in the field, with several great projects in the pipeline. David, thank you for the lovely chat! We’re delighted that you’re on the tour!

Listen to the podcast here.

As noted in the podcast, David is a member of Kartemquin Films. Check it out!

Podcast music: Finding the Balance by Keven MacLeod at incomptech.com


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