On Tour: Coffee Makes You Queer

2 Apr

I was insanely glad to land in Charleston, WV, and get off of the plane.

The turbulence so bad on my second plane to Charleston, WV that people were vomiting and hyperventilating into paper airplane bags. We popped out of our seats twice like an airborne roller coaster except we weren’t on any rails. The view above West Virginia was outstanding, however, or else I probably would have been hyperventilating too. The view was: trees, trees and spotted sunlight over hills of trees. Then some excavation sites which were probably mining, but I had no idea. From the sky they looked fantastic and made my imagination go wild for half an hour wondering what they were. Which luckily distracted me from the massive turbulence.

Once I landed, I had one hour to get from the airport to my rental car, then to my hotel, and then to the Clay Center Walker Theater, but since everything was so close, I made it to the theater 10 minutes before the screening started.

The theater were Proceed and Be Bold! screened in Charleston, WV.

I stopped by, said hello to Lakin Cook, who was the host for the screening, then promptly headed out for dinner while the film played.  Lakin recommended Sushi Atlantic which sounded perfect to me. Why not eat sushi in Charleston, WV?! So, after a really long day of airplanes, massive turbulence, airports and storms, I found myself the only diner in a tiny sushi shop in Charleston, WV, where the owner was playing Al Green. Life seriously does not get much better than this.


I LOVE Unagi! (barbequed eel!)

After eating, I walked around downtown Charleston for about 30 minutes. It’s a beautiful little downtown area with random wonderful corners like the one shown in the photo below.

Why is this here?! I don’t know why, but it’s beautiful!

I I also saw this little store front that made me laugh, because of its blatant marketing.

Do they? I think “Chicks” would dig someone coming over and doing their dishes or cleaning their house more often versus getting jewelry, but just my opinion.

I headed back to the screening ten minutes before it ended and slipped into the back of the theater just in time to see everyone’s reaction to Kennedy’s Poster, “Ladies, No Fighting in the Bathroom.” A wonderful man in the 2nd row clapped his hands and laughed out loud at that piece of the documentary.

After the screening ended, I answered questions about the film and talked about where Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. is now. (I think after watching the film, some people want to drive down to Alabama and meet him in person.) He’s still at his printing shop in Gordo, AL.

After the Q&A, I told the audience that I only had 5 of Amos’ posters left: Gay Pride, Love Queer Love, and Coffee Makes You Queer. The man in the audience who had earlier clapped his hands and laughed out loud during the “Ladies, No Fighting in the Bathroom” scene immediately told me that he had just emailed Kennedy asking how he could buy the “Coffee Makes You Queer” poster! We both exclaimed that it was meant to be!

Director, Laura Zinger, with Dan, one of the wonderful audience members in Charleston, WV.

Photo Credit: Phil, another incredible audience member.

Special Thanks to: Lakin Cook from the Clay Center, Dan and Phil and the rest of the wonderful audience members at the screening!

Post by Laura Zinger, OSIP Touring Filmmaker


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