On Tour: Proceed and Be Bold! at Theater N

27 Mar

Delaware’s only Art Theater, Theater N at Nemours in downtown Wilmington, DE.

Last night, Proceed and Be Bold! screened in Wilmington, DE at Theater N at Newmours. According to Beverly Zimmermann who runs the theater, it is the only art theater in all of Delaware!

One of Theater N’s wonderful volunteers and Beverly Zimmermann

Bev and I had an incredible conversation while we ate dinner during the screening (I’ve seen the film over 100 times at this point, and usually take a breather while it screens for new audiences.) about the city of Wilmington, how Joe Biden lived there at one point and took the train to Washington DC every day (Go, Joe! Great job of using public transportation!) and about Bev’s incredible knowledge and love for film. Bev has seen more films than I have, and it was an absolute pleasure to hear her thoughts on what she has seen and enjoyed.

Many of the graphic design students that I had spoken to earlier showed up for the screening, and afterwards it was incredible to see the hope and inspiration in their faces after seeing the choices Amos Paul Kennedy Jr, made in his life, and how he lives his life today as a Printer.

I sold Amos’ posters for him after the screening, and got to experience again the joy College students have in being able to afford to buy Amos’ posters and hang them on their wall. There is not much out there that College students can afford, but they’re usually able to pull together $20 for two of Kennedy’s posters.

There was one audience member in particular, named Carlton, who was especially insightful about the particulars of Kennedy and the film, and we had what I considered an incredibly profound conversation about the topics raised and questioned in the film after the screening. Thank you for your incredible conversation, Carlton.

The next morning after the screening, I was still determined to not get into the rental car unless I absolutely had to (like if I hurt myself so badly, I had to go to a hospital or I had to drive to the next screening location), so I decided to take another bus to Fresh Thymes again. But the bus took forever to show up, so I decided to walk  the mile and a half to the café. Little did I know that Google Maps was going to take me right along the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail.

This is the first view I have of the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail. Does anyone realize how beautiful Wilmington, DE is?!

The trail went along almost the entire mile and a half walk to the café, and I totally enjoyed every second of it.

 A big, beautiful creek, with a smaller canal, lots of green space and other people out enjoying it too.

When you’re in a car, you are speeding along at however many miles n hour, and you lose everything! Your sense of smell and touch, you miss the beauty all around you, you stop thinking, you become reactive, angry and stressed. You’re most likely alone because 77% of all drivers drive solo. You can’t read while driving most importantly, you stop thinking and being.

Look what you’re missing!

Really, I highly encourage everyone to get out of their cars, take public transportation or walk whenever you can. You will notice the world again. I did, and I was just in a small town called Wilmington, DE.

Post by OSIP touring filmmaker, Laura Zinger


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