OSIP Podcast #8: Laura Zinger, director of Proceed and Be Bold!, talks shop

29 Feb

Laura Zinger is so friendly and forthcoming that you feel like you know her immediately. She was very open about the nuts and bolts of being a truly independent filmmaker. When we sat down for our podcast interview, we actually got carried away talking about the self-distribution scene for about a half hour before I actually hit record. Whoops! So we went back and Laura was kind enough to recap that conversation at the end of our live interview (Thanks again, Laura!).

Her film, Proceed and Be Bold! is a character study of the artist Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. The story is fun and lighthearted,  but also delves into some controversial subjects and raises the question of what it takes to commit to a life as an artist. Laura herself is a great example of this; I’m in awe of how she’s making it all work. In the interview, we talked about the subject of her film (and what it was like working with such a free spirit), her advice to young filmmakers, and her thoughts of the current options for self-distribution.

Listen to the podcast here.

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