On Tour: A sellout crowd in Lynchburg, VA!

15 Feb


Friday night, and a packed house at the Riverviews Artspace. The seats were comfortable, the atmosphere was cozy and the audience was very receptive – I could not have received a warmer welcome.

I knew that some in the crowd were peace activists, and others artists. Many were simply film and culture enthusiasts. There was a small group that traveled down from Charlottesville to attend – they teach meditation and yoga in a women’s prison.

The range of questions reflected the diversity in the group, and no matter what separate interests led them to the theater that night, they all seemed to be of a common mind in sharing their comments, reactions and questions in response to the film.

One woman approached me after the screening to share her “fantasy” about how the design process might have taken a different turn. Another gentleman contacted me the next day with information about a prison prevention program he is involved with. A radio show producer has set up a time to talk at greater length on her weekly program. A local peace activist said how important films like this are to helping people make more connections and get more involved.

I even got to enjoy some nightlife in Lynchburg at Jimmy’s on the James, a unique piano bar and restaurant in the downtown area. Jimmy plays until the kitchen closes. After that, locals are welcome to step up to the piano and the microphone – to sing and play their hearts out.

I’m grateful for the enthusiasm the audience brought to the event, and the opportunities that it created for me to stay in contact – connection is so important and a focal point of what the film is all about!

 Post and photos by Cindy Burstein, OSIP touring filmmaker. Congrats, Cindy!


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