On Tour: Watching the Super Bowl in Long Branch, NJ

13 Feb

Now I’m at Monmouth University in Long Branch NJ. Seems like a quiet town, kind of ‘Jersey Shore’ ‘ish. I’m staying at a large quaint B&B. Its not often I stay in these so it was nice. The only thing is, this is Super Bowl Sunday and I am a Giants fan. I can’t watch the game on an old school TV. It’s got to be HD baby. So I have to find a spot. I’ll fill you in on that later.

Actually I’ll start with the game since its Sunday and the screening isn’t until Monday. So I find a pub and make a reservation at the bar. Sounds crazy but hey you have to do what you have to do. Soon as I drive into town I go straight to the bar to make sure its ok and I’m going to have a clear view of the TV. Not here to make friends my boys are playing. Do you know, they have our names on the seats? OH SNAP. Good seat. Good view. I’m feeling good ya’ll.

Those are my new friends Angie and umm… umm. I should really start asking people’s names. He kept buying drinks though so he was cool.

Game time. I get back to the bar a little early just to make sure I don’t have any problems. The crowd starts rolling in. Now remember what I said about Jersey Shore? Yeah you’ve seen the show. But here’s the thing I’m a Giants fan from DC. I’m usually the lone wolf. But here, this is Giants country so this is the first time in a while I’m around other G-Men fans. It was pretty cool. There is nothing like celebrating with other fans. It is nail-biting game. We win. Giants are World Champs. What a victory.

On the big screen ya’ll. Long Branch High School

Ok I digress, now to the screening. Wait first I went to a high school to talk to some students. This was at noon so let me just say the recovery from the night before hadn’t finished its process yet. I hope they didn’t notice. As the kids trickle into the auditorium I realize it’s been a while since I have been around this age group. They hand me the mic and I try to be too cool for school and ask the kids can they hear me so I don’t have to use the mic. Horrible decision. I really lost my voice from the night before and I was straining through that entire lecture. I just added to my body hurt. Any who, the kids were pretty excited. While some seemed really interested in making media a career others just wanted to know if I worked with Rihanna and if I could introduce them. They were tough but fun.

Later it was on to Monmouth University. I get a chance to see a little of the campus. The school of communications has great facilities. The venue was no different, an amazing space. There were a lot more faculty and staff in this screening. Not even my contact had seen the whole film so I was a little nervous. I like for someone to have seen it so they can warn the others. This crowd made some good observations I hadn’t heard in some time, like the choice of the music. Why did I use symphonic, electronic and mix in a lot of natural sounds? Why the choice of making it hopeful? There was even a good question about the gun used in the film. This was a thoughtful bunch. There were a couple times I had to pause and really think. Thanks Monmouth.

Post and photos by Ryan Richmond, OSIP touring filmmaker


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