On Tour: Ryan Richmond brings Money Matters to Frederick, MD

10 Feb

Back on the road to the next stop Frederick MD. We’re screening at the historic Weinberg Center for the Arts. Again, another dream venue to have your film screen. The downtown looks like Gotham City. Its been snowing for the past three hours so the streets are bare. It’s not sticking so it didn’t really affect attendance. The house got more than expected.

I’m going to stray off topic for a second. It seems that this venture is the first time for several of these venues. Hosting independent films where usually concerts or plays would be held. This poses hurdles but it also frames new opportunities to take advantage of. I think it should be more of a concerted effort between all three parties to reach the specific target audiences for each film on the tour. I could have definitely been more involved with the out reach in each location for mine. Now I understand the importance of doing that.

I think its great that these films are shared with the built in audiences of these venues. These are people our films may not have reached with out this platform. But I also think that this is a great chance for people that may not normally frequent these nice venues get to enjoy something special there. I hope next time around energy is put into tailoring marketing strategies for each film. That way you mix the target audience with the unexpected audience. That makes great discussions.

Again, I have digressed. I had a couple folks from abroad in this one. One man from Germany of mixed race told me how authentic he thought the film was. He has travelled extensively throughout his life and felt he had meet some of these characters both hear and over seas. One older white gentleman asked did I embellish the dialogue for effect? Do kids really talk like that? I answered ‘go to any major artery in DC or NY or any city for that matter, where there is a cross section of subways and buses. Go there at 3:30pm when kids are let out of school. You will be amazed at the number of four letter words they can fit in a sentence. It should be considered a talent.’ That’s all folks! Annapolis you’re on deck.

Post by Ryan Richmon, OSIP touring filmmaker


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