On Tour: Huey visits Allentown, PA

8 Nov

The view from Huey’s Allentown Hotel Room

Part of the fun of the tour is getting to interact with audiences and to hear their responses to the film I’ve just spent five years making. Another plus to the tour is getting to meet the presenters at each site. At historic Allentown Symphony Hall that person is Robin Flores. I arrived early at Symphony Hall and saw a woman setting up a display table. It was Robin and after phone calls and e-mails we get to meet. She then shows me the Hall’s screen. It is big, very big. I think something like 30 feet by 18 feet. It’s the largest screen I have shown any of my films on. The projection looked fabulous and the sound matched it in amplitude and crispness.

We had a good crowd of 70-80 people. But for just a few they all stayed to talk about the film. It was gratifying to hear their positive feelings about the film. We talked for quite a bit and then many of them lined up while I signed DVDs. Several in the audience told me about their associations with Marian. One woman’s father had played with Marian, some had met her through friends and some related seeing Marian at concerts and how memorable it was.

The filmmaker visits Mr. Seckler’s Class

The next morning Robin picked me up in time take me to Allentown High School, her alma mater, for an 8:15AM class. Going through the tight security at the high school reminded me I wasn’t in Maine. We were escorted by a student to the basement room of Mr Seckler’s Theater class. They were a good group of students. I showed them some clips from In Good Time and they really liked Marian. I think they were fascinated by seeing what to them is an old lady full of spunk, giving energetic performances, and coming up with funny one liners. Next I showed them examples of student made movies done in residencies I have done with K-12 students. They perked right up for these movies and we ended with a great discussion about filmmaking and creativity.

Post by Huey, OSIP Touring Filmmaker


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