BEATBOXING heads to Vineland, NJ

2 Nov

This is my 6th movie series and it has been so exciting.While traveling to Cumberland County College, Vineland, NJ, amongst the wonderful colors of the foliage, I had time to reflect on the past 5 screenings.  It is such an amazing experience to meet all the people behind the scenes who have worked hard to organize and support these film screening events.

It’s a random call as to how many people take the initiative to show up at these screenings, but I do believe that every little bit helps to inspire and educate the public.  I met local seniors who attended the screening and they loved the documentary, which confirms that music is ageless.

From the foliage straight into the snow which hit the east coast hard.  As they say on Broadway ‘THE SHOW MUST GO ON’, and it did.

Mr. Gregory Hambleton, Director of Fine Arts, Mrs. Hambleton, staff and local volunteers, dedicated to the performing arts, could not do enough to make this successful.

There was a photo contest competition held for the community with prizes of $100 $75 $50. Abstract or realistic photo that in some way represents one of the 5 elements of HIP HOP: graffiti, DJing, breakdancing, beatboxing, rapping. The Photo entries were displayed in lobby and were judged by beatbox artists, Masai Electro and YoYoBeats.

Mr. Hambleton also had a local artist paint a graffiti wall to represent this event.

There was a live performance after the viewing of BEATBOXING-THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP HOP, by two of the artists from the documentary, who entertained the crowd and even inspired tow of the audience to go up on stage and perform Beatboxing with them.  Masai and YoYo are both true, professional and extremely talented entertainers.  What a treat to have them.  Thanks fo Mr. Hambleton.

Masai ‘Electro’ Green who has performed on MTV and BET’s 106 & Park, intro’ed for Missy Elliot at the MTV music awards, performed for the Neptunes.

Yo Yo Beats, and is one of the artists featured in the movie.

George ‘YoYoBeats’ De Hoyos born in Manhattan ,of Puerto Rican descent. YoyoBeats developed his own style of Beatboxing by emulating baselines and snares from the Chic’s hit single “Good Times”. As a part of Combination Force crew, which was the first group to introduce Hip Hop in the some areas on the Island of Puerto Rico. In the mid 1980s YoYoBeats began performing in Puerto Rico with Lisa, Lisa Cult Jam and Nolan Thomas and appeared on some Spanish channels like Juventud 84 Channel 2 with the Ita Medina Dancers, Show de el Medio Dia in Channel 4 with los hermanos Vigoraux.  George De Hoyos was also the co-producer of the soundtrack on the documentary.

A big thank you to these guys. Terrific!

To contact these artists see:

A little about Vineland – Vineland is a city in Cumberland County, New Jersey, United States. Vineland, Millville and Bridgeton are the three principal New Jersey cities of  Cumberland County.

After determining that the Vineland soil was well-suited for growing grapes (hence the name), Landis started advertising to attract Italian grape growers to Vineland. Thomas Bramwell Welch founded Welch’s Grape Juice, and purchased the locally grown grapes to make “unfermented wine” (or grape juice).  The fertile ground also attracted the glass-making industry and was home to theProgresso soup company. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, most of the city was involved in the poultryindustry, which led to the city being dubbed “The Egg Basket of America.  Millville’s recorded history goes back to the early 18th century. A sawmill was believed to have existed at Leaming’s Mill at around 1720.

Post and photos by Angela Viscido, OSIP touring filmmaker


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