Angela Viscido screens her film in Wilmington, DE

31 Oct

On the road again!  Yes, after 7 hours of flying and driving to Wilmington, DE, from Oswego, for the 5th. screening at Theatre N at Nemours, downtown Wilmington, I settle into the Sheraton Suite at H.b, Dupont Park.  Arriving to comfort for much needed rest.

Apparently, Theatre N at Nemours is Wilmington’s only independent digital film cinema – first-run and restored classic films each weekend.

Flourishing with English Gardens, Wilmington has many wonderful things to share, great art, beautiful coutryside, wold-class museums and exhibitions.  Historical sites from the replica of the Tall Ship Kalmar Nyckel to the Old Swedes Church.  Wilmington, has a population of almost 80,000.  In the 1600s milling operations flourished.  Small ships could dock right at the mills, and grain carried by the ships or delivered by Conestoga wagon could be milled and then shipped directly by water to to other American ports and overseas.  During the 1800s and into the early 1900, railroad cars, steam ships, and leather were among its leading industries.   It has become a national financial center for the credit card industry, including insurance, retail banking and legal services.

Delaware’s West Chester (between Philadelphia and Wilmington) has a Greek Revival architecture that gave it the nickname “Athens of the West’, where Abraham Lincoln began his quest for the presidency.

Well, the turn out was not in large numbers, having the World Series playing on this evening might have had an effect.  Nevertheless, we were joined by Sean Ryon, a senior at Lafayette College who is writing his theses on Hip Hop sampling and wanted to talk about the legal and ethical issues behind sampling.  He and Klaus Schneyder, Director spoke for almost an hour on these subjects.  Coming to a conclusion that there is a fine line between what is legal and not legal, but impressed the importance on creating original music opposed to copying music already out there.  And, if people use other artists creation, then they should acknowledge this and not take the credit for themselves, as many do.

Meeting Beverly Zimmerman and her supportive, friendly staff were a delight.  They had everything set up at Theatre N at Nemours, located next door to the Hotel du Pont. The walls lined with elegant, silky marble and a liquor license.  Great screen, sound, Skype, popcorn, beer – all that you need for a movie screening.  We even played a Bluray version of BEATBOXING-THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP HOP documentary, to find the viewing quality infinitely crisper, clearer, with more depth of field.

After the screening, we ventured off for dinner at a local restaurant called Washington Street Ale House, ran by friendly Mike aka Taco.  I have to say their fish and chips dish was fantastic – being a Welsh girl, I would know this!!  The place was hopping and now understood where the crowd were.  Watching the baseball game!!

Final note to say thank you to Beverly Zimmerman and staff.  Also, when I got back to the lovely Sheraton Hotel, received an email to say that our BEATBOXING-THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP HOP documentary has officially been invited to screen at 2011 Williamsburg Independent Film Festival n November 17 – 20th.  Date and time TBD.  Stay tuned and check out our other screening venues, awards, Mid-Atlantic Tour info. at

Post and photos by Angela Viscido, OSIP Touring Filmmaker


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    getting better and better

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