31 Oct

Adam Armstrong, Annie Syso and other SUNY students.

Well, after a scenic wonderment of the Blue Ridge Mountains, arrive at Washington DC Airport nice and early from Charleston – only to find that my flight to Syracuse has been delayed 2 and a half hours.  A nice cold beer is warranted while I continue to write my blogs for The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, On Screen/In Person film venture.  Arrived Syracuse at 7:30PM and drove happily for an hour to Oswego’s Serendipity Bed and Breakfast.   Although, because it was so dark, I sat in  neighbor’s parking area while making a phone call to find out where Serendipity was, only to see it stood across the road from where I was parked!!

Chris, Dale and daughter Bixler of Serendipity Bed and Breakfast were warm and welcoming hosts, who took great interest in the documentary, being cultured themselves, and attended the screening in support.
A little about The City of Oswego, New York, located on Lake Ontario.  The town was first settled around 1797 and once was a major railroad hub for the New York Central.  ‘The Port City of Central New York’.  The Oswego Speedway is a nationally know automobile racing facility.  Oswego County was formed on March 1, 1816, from the counties of Oneida and Onondaga. Its name was derived from the Indian On-ti-ah-an-taque.  French explorers called it “Chonaquen.”
In 2007, SUNY Oswego Lakers men’s hockey team won the NCAA Division III Ice Hockey Championship.  The most notable historian was Rosemary Nesbitt, who is immortalized by a monument in the city’s signature public park, Breitbeck Park.   Every Halloween, she would traditionally let down her long silver hair, dress in a ghostly gown, and tell ghostly haunted tales spanning across the entire history of the city.
We thank the ARTSWEGO, OSWEGO State University of New York for being a facilitator of our ‘Beatboxing-The Fifth Element of Hip Hop’ documentary screening.  This year, 2011, SUNY Oswego marks its 150th anniversary with a sesquicentennial celebration campaign to honor its rich tradition and heritage.

Amy Shore, Director and Assistant Professor, Cinema and Screen Studies at the BEATBOXING screening.
Amy Shore, Director and Assistant Professor, Cinema and Screen Studies., Jacob Dodd, Assistant Professor of Cinema Production,  and Adam Armstrong and Annie Syso, Seniors at SUNY Oswego who will be first to graduate May 2012 from the Film Program, went out of their way to entertain me with dinner at local La Parrilla and Vona’s, proudly sharing knowledge of the University and Oswego itself.  They are terrific, young, film enthusiasts with a lot to share.  Anyone interested in studying film, should check this university out for details.
Screening at Oswego’s local theatre – turnout was amazing, 50+ mostly students attended the screening.
Jacob Dodd, Assistant Professor of Cinema Production, at the BEATBOXING screening.
A BIG thanks to Amy, Jacob and the students for making this screening a success.  We even had a Beatboxer in the audience who gave a demonstration – a professional, classical trumpet and trombone player who snuck out before getting his name, but thank you, too, for your input.  To make things even more vibrant was having Mr. Tom Kline, Copy Editor for The Oswegonian, whom I gave an interview to – Well, here’s the link:  I hope to visit Oswego, faculty, its students, and hosts again someday:)  Inspirational experience to be with like minded people!  Thank you for having us OSWEGO!
Post and photos by Angela Viscido, OSIP Touring Filmmaker

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